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DNA Activation

2010.02.05 23:36

DNA Questions and Answers

Q: What is the "average" level of DNA activation for people on the planet right now and why is DNA activation so important from now until 2012?

A: The majority of the DNA strands corresponding to higher dimensional anatomy and consciousness are dormant or damaged due to ancient blockages within the Kathara Grid and its corresponding elements of the subtle body anatomy. Presently, the average DNA activation of humans is a 3 to 3.5 activation level, while the imprint and potentials for strands 4-12 lie dormant within the morphogenetic field and within the fragments of non-functional DNA that contemporary science has labeled "junk DNA".

The reason that DNA activation is so important now and in the next few years is because the Earth is evolving and therefore every organism on the Earth must also evolve with it, because we are intimately connected. The body and the planet are built the same way - they both have an energetic grid. So when the Earth ascends into a higher dimensional, less dense matter state (from now until 2012), if you do not have a certain level of DNA activation and can tolerate the change in angular rotation of particle spin inside the atoms that make up your cells, then you will not make the transition.

Q: Is DNA Activation a "New Age" concept?

A: Absolutely not. This is definitely not a "love, light, and clueless" modality. It is based on Divine 15th dimensional physics, and scalar wave mechanics. It is not based on channeled information and is not associated with any off-planet agendas. Soon you will realize that the New Age materials were given to control minds in a certain way just like some original sacred teachings were re-written to form the world's religions. Unfortunately, there ARE a lot of false DNA activation programs out there and someone just doing research on DNA activation will likely come across these websites. You can use your intuition and discernment to recognize these as they will all be the same text cut and pasted across many websites, or there will be a lot of talk about ascended masters, angels, and other "special" people that have only been given the knowledge because they are highly evolved. Everyone of us has a 12th level Avatar master that we can tap into, so we don't need "angels" or false ascended masters to help us activate our DNA. We just need to remove our own karmic imprints and genetic blockages to bringing in this expanded awareness. Of course in order to have any type of healing occur, there has to be the sentiment and frequency of GENUINE love. In terms of physics, love is an energy reality, a state of vibrational harmonization, or co-resonance of frequency that allows an energetic bridge to build between individuals. It is through this energetic bridge of frequency that one can assist in running healing energies that will facilitate the healing process of others.

Q: How can there be 12 strands of DNA if every organism's DNA on the planet is base 4?

A: In actuality, the Human Genome is arranged into 12 dimensionalized mathematical programs, each of which set the blueprint for one double-helix chemical strand. Each double-helix strand blueprint is composed of 12 base-magnetic "female" base codes and 12 base-electrical "male" acceleration codes.
When the human genome is functioning naturally, the 12 base codes and 12 acceleration codes that hold the mathematical program for each double-helix strand combine to form a set of 12 electromagnetic Vector codes(1 base code + 1 acceleration code = 1 Vector code).

The 12 Vector Codes of the human genome manifest as 12 nucleotide base chemicals that form the nucleotide base pairs for which the double-helix DNA strands are composed.

Due to an unnatural sonic control program in Earth's grids, only 4 Vector Codes have been active in biological earth since 25,500 BC, making the chemical DNA of Earth life appear to be a "Base 4 Genetic Alphabet".

Through DNA Activation technologies the natural life force currents of the 12 dimensions can be used to reset and re-awaken the Base-12 DNA template and chemical DNA genome. Certain resonant frequencies have profound effects on the codes within the DNA, keys that have been waiting for thousands of years for the right evolutionary sequence to be activated.

Due to certain genetic "tampering" with the human DNA in ancient history and the seals that were put in place, human DNA has been since producing inorganic, toxic bio-chemical and hormonal agents that cause accelerated deterioration of the physical body form(aging and death). The original DNA blueprint was for immortality.

Awakening the 12 strand DNA template will also allow the dormant "turnstile" DNA sequences, and their transient bio-element "Celestalline", to chemically manifest within the chemical DNA hydrogen bonds.

This will return to humanity the natural biological potential of self-directed ascension out of 3-D matter density(true evolution).

Q: Is Immortality a possibility?

A: Yes. The body forms of the original human blueprint are immortal. Deterioration and death were NOT part of the original imprint for health within the bio-spiritual makeup. The original blueprint was designed so by the age of 44, the human morphogenetic field would reach its full expansion, the DNA would reach its organic 12 strand activation, the person would expand to hold 12 dimensions of consciousness within his or her body, and thus the person would have full conscious control of the manifestation process in time. Through distortions in the earth's grid and various genetic manipulations, humans have "fallen" and forgotten how to "get up". But since 5/5/2000, the earth's grids have been repaired and thus there exists the 12th dimensional energy available to once again provide people on earth with the ability to activate their 12 strand potential.

Q: Then why do people get sick and eventually die?

A: The process of biological and mental deterioration and resulting death of the biological form , which we currently view as facts of life are not normal organic conditions to the human organism. Death is the direct result of unnatural blockages within the holographic template. Other life forms, such as the animal kingdoms, that manifest through morphogenetic fields having LESS than 12 strands of DNA within their template, cannot undergo the full process of bodily transmutation into pre-matter substance, and cannot fully expand their embodied awareness into 12th dimensional consciousness. Death is natural for the animal kingdom. Humans were intended to undergo the full morphogenetic expansion and cellular transmutation within ONE eternal body image, that was built upon a program of full activation of the 12 strands of DNA in the template. Death is NOT natural for humans.

Q: So are there ways to remove these blockages?

A: Yes, that is the purpose of this practice. To remove the blockages through Auric Clearing and Karmic Sessions and then activate the DNA that is currently dormant.

mullu Merkabah

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